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Welcome to the Edinburgh Connections Membership Page. We invite you to join our expanding mutual support network and become an integral part of our community. We are excited to have you as a member.

Colin & Bart

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Explore Membership Benefits

When your network succeeds, you succeed.

Edinburgh Connections offers essential tools to help members to grow in Scotland and beyond through Face-2-Face Networking
Membership Onboarding Each new member will go through an onboarding process that will include: setting up Business Profile in Members Directory, introduction call with Anna to review business objectives and plan ongoing engagement with Edinburgh Connections, a series of educational emails to help you make the most of your Membership.
Social Media support

Members can publish their own events and content on our website. We communicate with our members and guests through Linkedin and Facebook, promoting all member content on our social media accounts.

Ongoing engagement with other Members

We will stay in touch with you throughout your Membership, seek your feedback, suggest promotional opportunities, and provide website content that is interesting and useful for your business.


Only members can send dedicated emails to contacts in the Edinburgh Connections database. After send out they will receive a detailed report from the mail-out and all replies will be forwarded to the member. 


We aim to ‘’fish’ the best contacts for you for your 12-month membership and facilitate 2 warm introductions to other Members.

Pre-Networking Online Sessions

Access to a pre-networking session before most of our online events. At the pre-networking session, we will be able to welcome new members, update our network about forthcoming events and go through the delegates list. 


Members will have access to our members-only Private Group on Linkedin. Great way to network with others and send comments and questions.

Member in the spotlight

Members have the exciting chance to showcase and promote their business during the spotlight session at Coffee Connections events. This incredible opportunity allows for increased visibility and recognition.

Access to Membership Hub

Membership Hub gives access to all member resources in one place: recent events, important announcements, webinar recordings & chat transcripts, business opportunities, access to private groups on Linkedin, delegates lists and more. 

Free Tickets

Members have the opportunity to save up to £200 per year on event fees. They can enjoy free or discounted events for themselves and up to three guests, including the Edinburgh Business Show.

What is Edinburgh Connections?

Edinburgh Connections is addressing a critical market need by providing entrepreneurs with peer-to-peer support in their ambition, passion, and commitment to grow their businesses, especially during this time of significant change.

Join our expanding network of like-minded individuals at EC, where a strong sense of community is built on enduring relationships, respect, and trust. Here, individuals can freely share their experiences, ideas, expertise, and contacts, creating a mutually beneficial support system.


Networking in Edinburgh

Behind Edinburgh Connections stand their founders: Colin McKeand, Scotland's Networking Extraordinaire, and Bart Kowalczyk, the mastermind behind AutomateNow HubSpot Consultancy.

We're not just your average Business Membership Organisation. We're here to help ambitious entrepreneurs and individuals in achieving their business and professional dreams by forging meaningful connections.

Prepare to be amazed by the grandest business networking events in all of Scotland – with a whopping attendance of over 80 delegates. We bring together the finest minds from Edinburgh, Lothians, and Fife regions.

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Membership - is it worth it?

How Membership can help your business to grow?



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Review members and delegates feedback.

Edinburgh Connection Membership Payment Plan

Membership fees are re-invested in the network helping us bring more opportunities for members


£25 / month
No Commitments - Cancel Anytime
Monthly instalments
Recurring Payment via PayPal or Credit Card
Invoice provided after each payment
Access to delegates' lists
Onboarding & Introductions
Free Coffee Connections Events Guaranteed
Exclusive Deals for exhibitors at the Edinburgh Business Show.

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Need clarification?

What is Edinburgh Connections?

Edinburgh Connections was founded in 2019 to support like-minded business entrepreneurs with their ambition of growing business via professional networking. We are a supportive business Community.

How many events does Edinburgh Connections organise?

We aim to organise a minimum of one Coffee Connections and one Curry Connections per calendar month. 

What to expect when you join Edinburgh Connections?

Our network attracts diverse entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds. Therefore, when you join Edinburgh Connections we take you through our onboarding process to make sure that we understand your goals and what you want to achieve with us. Just as importantly, this gives you the opportunity to understand how we work and how you can make the most of your key membership benefits. The process takes about 4 weeks.

How much does it cost to join Edinburgh Connections?

Our Monthly Membership fee is £25 with no joining fee and no VAT cost. Pay annually for one month free membership. Message us with your invoice details.

Your membership brings a wide range of benefits. Whether you're a business owner or individual, you decide how we promote you and your business. If you own 2 businesses, we can promote both in our directory and on social media. If you're a serial entrepreneur with more than 2 businesses, become an Edinburgh Connections Partner and promote them all.

Where does my membership fee go?

Edinburgh Connections is self-financing. Membership fees are re-invested back into the organisation to help our member businesses to grow. Fees pay venue space for our full calendar of open and members-only events; for technology, to maintain our communications such as emailing distributions and our website that promotes members’ businesses, etc.

In all these ways and more, we generate quality leads for your business.

How can I pay for membership?

We prefer to collect membership payment via Credit Card or PayPal. We use the third-party secure checkout system Thrivecart. Once you join and pay your fee, the system will automatically remind and collect membership fees from your account on an annual or quarterly basis, depending on your payment plan. You can download invoiced from the Payment dashboard.